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1. Open registration form.
2. Enter the name of your project (account).
3. Add information about your project.
4. Move to builder management.

You can update information about your project, change password, make request to publish your project in the catalogue or delete project. All these actions are performed in administrative section of the builder.

We recommend you to give more details about your project. In other case your account can be deleted without notification.


Design customization is produced in DESIGN inlay of the builder.

1. The left part of DESIGN inlay contains controls to manage the process of downloading images for logo, menu and control buttons.

To download image press SELECT PHOTO button, then select image in .png format from your computer and press button that corresponds to selected type of image.

logo width 275 pix (up to 100 Kb)
menu buttons 6680 pix (up to 15 Kb)
scrolling button for menu 21510 pix (up to 15 Kb)
info (hint) button to show text linked to gallery images 3434 pix (up to 5 Kb)
button to start slideshow 3434 pix (up to 5 Kb)
button to turn over images in gallery 3425 pix (up to 5 Kb)
button to get back to mini images in gallery 3480 pix (up to 5 Kb)
button to scroll mini 3480 pix (up to 10 Kb)

All above stated images should be in PNG format. Downloaded images are saved automatically.

To see the downloaded images for the buttons in builders space and to customize its colors, you should update current webpage.

To see and try how it works, you may download the library of buttons, prepared to use with the builder - > DOWNLOAD ARCHIVE

2. In the left part of DESIGN inlay you also select color of menus fonts and text hint (displayed when there is a comment to certain image in the gallery), place link to intro-image that will be displayed right when your web site was loaded.

3. In the central part of DESIGN inlay you customize the color of your site moving sliders on color components for each block (BACKGROUND, MENU, HINT, and BUTTONS).

4. Below you enter font type and size for sections titles and the titles. You can place hyperlinks to images, which will be displayed instead of text titles of menus sections.

5. Make settings for image gallery rate of slideshow, width space between images, and shift of images by height.

Press SAVE DESIGN to save settings.


Content management is produced in MENU inlays. There are three similar inlays for each section of your web site.

1. In the left part of MENU inlay you add, move and delete menus blocks.

2. In the central part you can indicate font type, size and color for menu buttons.

3. To edit menu block you should click on it. In the MENU BLOCK EDIT field you can select block type and enter its text name (using some html tags) or place hyperlink to image to replace its text variant.

You can choose the following block types:

•  TEXT hyperlink to .htm file without extension (e. g. http://mediachaos.ru/info/1 - link to 1.htm file). File should contain the following: "&info= EasyHtml &".

EasyHtml is a text made up with limited number of tags (img, font, a, b, i, u, br, p, li).

The builder also fitted with HTML EDITOR inlay you can prepare and generate your text there. After generation you should save it in .htm format and download to your hosting space.

•  PHOTOS - hyperlink to directory that contains two directories titled big and mini. These two directories contain full size images and in small copies correspondingly. Images are numbered from 1.jpg to N.jpg (N - number of the last image in the list). You also indicate N number in MENU BLOCK EDIT field on the right.

These two directories may also contain text files of HINTS, made up similar to files from TEXT block. They should have name like N.htm, where N is the number of image to which hint is added.

You can use free hosting services to host your images.

•  MP3 - direct hyperlink to audio file in MP3 format.

•  VIDEO4x3 - direct hyperlink to video file in FLV format with 43 ratio.

•  VIDEO16x9 - direct hyperlink to video file in FLV format with 169 ratio.

•  YouTube - hyperlink to video file, hosted at YouTube.com (e. g. http://www.youtube.com/v/fJtpiogvw6s).

•  FRAME - direct hyperlink to external web page that will be opened in separate builders frame.

The lowest block without title adds empty line. In the title field you may enter free text, which can be inactive title of section.

To make blank between blocks enter two gaps in text field.

! ! ! Do not forget to press REPLACE button after each blocks edition. And press SAVE MENU button when you have finished sections editing.


You may need some additional files full use of created web site. In particular, if you want the player to download text information from other web sites, you should place crossdomain.xml file in the root directory of the web site from which information is downloaded (it is the requirement of security police of Adobe Flash).

In the library below you will also find codes to build created site into the space of your domain.